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Utah's Division of Emergency Management (DEM) oversees Utah’s State Hazard Mitigation Plan update every five years and coordinates all team and committee meetings, surveys, analyses and maps. This collaborative plan received input and review by the public, federal, state, and local agencies, cities, counties, tribes, and corporations. Plan maintenance is constant and ongoing, if you would like to submit feedback, please do so here.

DEM also provides mitigation trainings and support to locals updating their local hazard mitigation plans in accordance with FEMA requirements every five years. For assistance, please contact a member of Utah's State Hazard Mitigation Team:

Eric Martineau

Pre Mitigation Grant Coordinator


[email protected]


Janna Wilkinson-Mayo

Resilience Bureau Chief 


[email protected]


Tracie Harrison

State Floodplain Manager


[email protected]


Kathy Holder, CFM, MBA

State Hazard Mitigation Officer


[email protected]


Jamie Huff, CFM

Risk MAP Program Manager


[email protected]


John Crofts 

Earthquake Program Manager


[email protected]